I help you find relief from stress & anxiety through simple, daily practices 


Being alone with your thoughts when you feel overwhelmed can be a lot to handle.


If you're you're looking to get better sleep, conquer anxiety, or move beyond the intrusive thoughts that make you feel exhausted, you’ve come to the right place.


It's my goal to connect you with the inner tools of your breath + attention, and find ease in the body in the midst of stressful life & work experiences.


Through trauma informed sessions, we draw from your inner resources to find strength.

Let’s work together & create your inner resilience using non-pharmaceutical methods

to find ease in the body and mind.

Meditation Class


"Jennifer is a wonderful healer. I have had reiki before but never in conjunction with the alchemy singing bowls, it was the most amazing experience and one I look forward to having regularly. We live thousands of miles apart, yet it felt like we were in the same room-I was in the comfort of my own space getting this wonderful treatment. I remember a point where I felt a huge rush of energy from my head to my toes-it felt magical. The bowls bring something extra special to the session and you can feel the energy as they are played. It’s over 30 hours later and I still feel calm, grounded and energized. I slept better and completed several tasks I had been struggling with. If you’re looking for a reiki treatment that is extra special, then look no further, Jenn creates magic!"


—  Priya, Distant Meditation & Reiki Client, United Kingdom

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Meditating by the Pool
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