Awaken your inner power, and discover the strength that lies within.


The greatest journey we can take is the one we take inside ourselves. 


Whether you’re a civilian, veteran, military member or first responder looking to relieve stress, conquer anxiety, or release anger, you’ve come to the right place.


Yoga means connection. And it’s my goal to help you do just that - connect with your inner tools, like your breath + attention, to find ease in the body in the midst of stressful life experiences.

Through trauma informed yoga classes, reiki sessions, and Integrative Restoration guided meditation, I work with my students to bring their mind to a state of inner stillness, allowing them to let go of their difficulties, and draw from their inner resources to find strength.

Let’s work together & create your inner resilience using non-pharmaceuitical methods to find ease, and support each other.

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Strengthen your Inner Warrior

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