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I help you find relief from stress & anxiety through simple, daily practices 

About Us

Being alone with your thoughts when you feel overwhelmed can be a lot to handle.


If you're you're looking to get better sleep, conquer anxiety, or move beyond the intrusive thoughts that make you feel exhausted, you’ve come to the right place.


It's my goal to connect you with the inner tools of your breath + attention, and find ease in the body in the midst of stressful life & work experiences.


Through trauma informed sessions, we draw from your inner resources to find strength.

Let’s work together & create your inner resilience using non-pharmaceutical methods

to find ease in the body and mind.

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As seen in:

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


"Marine veteran, two tours in Vietnam as an infantry platoon sergeant. Like many of my Vietnam friends, I am distrustful of people I don't know well, uncomfortable in crowds or large groups, and feel like most shows of public support for my service are disingenuous at best. This is my version of PTSD.


I've used Jenn's meditation recording and find that it helps me to relax and sleep better and I believe that Jenn's recording helps me to maintain that feeling of peace and relaxation beyond the times that I'm actively listening to the recording.


I recommend this to any veteran who might be periodically uncomfortable in their situation. It's an easy, noninvasive way to relax and just let go of feelings that may be holding them back"

— Bill T., Veteran, Distant iRest Meditation Client 

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