Hi, I’m Jenn  -  a trauma centered yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master, and a sound healing



What that means is: I’m deeply committed to helping you find focus, resilience and balance in your

life, especially if you're in a high stress profession. I help vets, active duty military & first responders

find ease and develop deep resilience within themselves through the trauma focused, specialized

practices I'm certified in. All of these practices are non-pharmaceutical solutions, to a deep need

for ease in the body.

As a former special education teacher, and certified Warriors At Ease, iRest

Meditation & Accessible Yoga teacher, I believe that yoga is an inclusive experience for

anyone and everyone, regardless of age, challenge or dis/ability. I'm a wife to a retired SWAT 

S/SGT (20+years of service) and I understand the challenges & stress that come along with

being married to someone who selflessly serves the community. I know the culture, the toll it takes on the entire family, and I know

methods to help resolve those after effects.


Everyone experiences sensation differently in their bodies. I work with all my students to meet them exactly where they are, guide them through meditation, and explore those sensations on a physical, mental and emotional level for healing. And if you feel like you "can't meditate"? Then we definitely need a session! Contact me here



My training

I’m a Karma Yoga Teacher, which means I’m dedicated to service. My additional specialized trainings have all revolved around serving our community, in particular, our military and first responders. I have taught around the world both remotely, as well as on location in Iceland.

-E-RYT 200 Karma Yoga Teacher, focused on the yoga of action & service to others. It means stepping off of your mat and taking your service out into the world in your everyday life {certified in 2015}

-Accessible Yoga Ambadassador, including all people in all practices, regardless of physical ability/disability. If you have an amputation, using a wheelchair, have limited mobility, or are bedridden-you can be included fully in my classes {certified in 2016}

-Warriors At Ease, Level 2 Teacher, serving our military, veteran and law enforcement commununites in a trauma informed, culturally appropriate way that supports resilience. Helping to reduce the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Injury, Military Sexual Trauma & Moral Injury {L2 completed 2018}

-iRest Meditation, Level 1 Teacher, focused on trauma informed, research based meditation practices for our military, veteran, and LE communities. Creating real changes in the body and mind in a meaningful way {L1 certification 2019}

-Reiki Master, a Japanese relaxation technique of energy work with anyone who is seeking greater balance in their lives by removing energetic blockages within the body. I also attune others to become Reiki practitioners {L1+2 attunements in 2012, Master in 2018}

-Minister of Peace, Universal Life Church, multi-denominational religious organization.

I am able to perform various religious and spiritual ceremonies {2019}




“We practice letting go. And in the process, we find peace” - Leo Babauta


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