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Hi, I’m Jenn  -  I have my B.S in Education with an emphasis in special education, and I've taken

that teaching background and shifted my focus to teaching practices of resilience as a

Trauma-Centered Yoga Teacher, Certified iRest© Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and Sound

Healing Facilitator.


I am currently a Trauma-Informed Contractor for the New Castle County Police Department in

Delaware for the Holistic Officer Wellness Program to address stress and trauma in recruits

through retirees. This program includes not only the police, but the Medics, Recom employees 

and their families as well. 

I’m deeply committed to helping you find focus, resilience and balance in your

life, whether you're just building your skillset in school, or in a high stress profession.


I help those dealing with intrusive thoughts, sleep disruption and anxiety find ways to move through discomfort and thrive (in particular, front line workers, vets & first responders). I'm a wife to a retired SWAT S/SGT (21 years of service) and I understand the challenges & stress that come along with being married to someone who selflessly serves the community. I know the culture, the toll it takes on the entire family, and I know methods to help resolve those after effects. All of these practices are non-pharmaceutical solutions, to a deep need for ease in the body.

Everyone experiences sensation differently in their bodies. I work with all my clients to meet them exactly where they are, guide them through meditation, and explore those sensations on a physical, mental and emotional level for healing. After our session, you will have an understanding of the framework to use in your life, going forward. If you have tried meditation before and feel like you "couldn't meditate"... then we definitely need a session! 

I offer sessions one-at-a-time to address acute situations, as well as long term coaching from 1 month up to yearly sessions to support your needs, drawing from every aspect of my expertise to curate the perfect experience. 




Certified iRest© Meditation Teacher

I help you meet the moments in your life with a grounded sense of peace, calm and ease - even when faced with difficulties. Our practice helps resolve sleep disruption, PTSD symptoms and anxiety.

iRest is a research based meditation practice rooted in the tradition of yoga nidra but adapted for our modern lives though western psychology and neuroscience.

The US Surgeon General has listed Yoga Nidra (based on iRest research) as a Tier 1 approach for addressing pain management in military care.

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