Hi, I’m Jenn  -  a yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master,

and a sound healing facilitator. 


What that means is: I’m deeply committed to helping you find inner peace,

discover your true self, and live a life filled with joy, harmony, and balance. 


As a former special education teacher, and certified Warriors At Ease &

Accessible Yoga teacher, I believe that yoga is a sacred and inclusive experience for anyone and everyone,

regardless of age, challenge or dis/ability. I'm also a LE wife and I understand the challenges & stress that come along with being married to someone who selflessly serves the community.


Everyone experiences sensation differently in their bodies. I work with all my students to meet them exactly where they are, guide them through meditation, and explore those sensations on a physical, mental and emotional level for healing. And if you feel like you "can't meditate"? Then we definitely need a session!


“We practice letting go. And in the process, we find peace” - Leo Babauta


How it all started...

I was first introduced to yoga and meditation when I was pregnant with my first daughter 16 years ago.  I quickly fell in love with yoga, and found it to be my safe haven while raising three little girls. Then I read Mitchell Gaynor’s book, The Healing Power of Sound, and found myself incredibly inspired to learn more about the scientific evidence behind meditation. I was amazed by the proven studies that showed changes in brain waves as well as physical structures, resulting in reduced stress, anxiety and fear, all while promoting healing. I yearned to learn more, and I now know I will always be a student of this healing art.

In the years that followed, I went on to become a certified Karma Yoga teacher (E-RYT200) and furthered my training in  Accessible Yoga (adapting practice to dis/ability, amputations, and perceived limitations), as well as a Warriors At Ease trauma focused yoga + iRest meditation teacher (focused on easing the symptoms of PTSD, military/first responder experiences, and moral injury)  and a dedicated reiki master. I experienced the power of mindfulness and energy healing first hand, which fed my desire to keep learning and share this practice people in my community.  I then invested in my first crystal alchemy sound healing bowl. One bowl turned into two, two turned into three… you get the idea. I now have have 6 quartz crystal alchemy bowls that all play in harmony and focus on different chakras or energy centers in the body. The addition of the 28" Brilliant Paiste gong, and the Koshi chimes (each connected to an earth element) have only enhanced the transformative quality of the experience . All of these instruments work together to clear the energy centers in the body, allowing your breath to flow freely and lightness come back into the body.


I’m absolutely humbled and honored to be able to work with students every day to help them quiet their minds, tune in, and live healthier in mind, body, and spirit. 

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