Hi, I’m Jenn  -  a trauma centered yoga and meditation teacher, reiki master, and a sound healing



What that means is: I’m deeply committed to helping you find focus, resilience and balance in your

life, especially if you're in a high stress profession. I help vets, active duty military & first responders

find ease and develop deep resilience within themselves through the trauma focused, specialized

practices I'm certified in. All of these practices are non-pharmaceutical solutions, to a deep need

for ease in the body.

As a former special education teacher, and certified Warriors At Ease, iRest

Meditation & Accessible Yoga teacher, I believe that yoga is an inclusive experience for

anyone and everyone, regardless of age, challenge or dis/ability. I'm a wife to a retired SWAT 

S/SGT (20+years of service) and I understand the challenges & stress that come along with

being married to someone who selflessly serves the community. I know the culture, the toll it takes on the entire family, and I know

methods to help resolve those after effects.


Everyone experiences sensation differently in their bodies. I work with all my students to meet them exactly where they are, guide them through meditation, and explore those sensations on a physical, mental and emotional level for healing. After our session, you will have an understanding of the framework to use in your life, going forward. And if you feel like you "can't meditate"... we definitely need a session! Contact me here



My training

I’m an experienced Karma Yoga Teacher, which means I’m dedicated to service. My additional specialized trainings have all revolved around serving our community, in particular, our military and first responders. I have taught around the world both remotely, as well as on location in Iceland.

-E-RYT 200 Karma Yoga Teacher, focused on the yoga of action & service to others. It means stepping off of your mat and taking your service out into the world in your everyday life {certified in 2015}

-Accessible Yoga Ambadassador, including all people in all practices, regardless of physical ability/disability. If you have an amputation, using a wheelchair, have limited mobility, or are bedridden-you can be included fully in my classes {certified in 2016}

-Warriors At Ease Certified Teacher, serving our military, veteran and law enforcement communities in a trauma informed, culturally appropriate way that supports resilience. Helping to reduce the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Injury, Military Sexual Trauma & Moral Injury {L2 completed 2018}

-iRest Meditation, Level 1 Teacher, focused on trauma informed, research based meditation practices for our military, veteran, and LE communities. Creating real changes in the body and mind in a meaningful way {L1 certification 2019}

(Enrolled: iRest Retreat:Living with an undefended heart 2/21, Level 2 iRest training 3/21, in process of full iRest certification)

-Reiki Master, a Japanese relaxation technique of energy work with anyone who is seeking greater balance in their lives by removing energetic blockages within the body. I also attune others to become Reiki practitioners {L1+2 attunements in 2012, Master in 2018}

-Minister of Peace, Universal Life Church, multi-denominational religious organization.

I am able to perform various religious and spiritual ceremonies {2019}




“We practice letting go. And in the process, we find peace” - Leo Babauta


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