When I teach class, I'm often asked what books have inspired my practice, or have helped me to develop my practice further, so I thought I would share some of my personal favorites to help you too! If you're like me, you'll end up writing all over them, dog-earing the pages, covering them in post-it notes, and turn them into living, breathing parts of yourself and your practice. Each of these is a fav for different reasons, and I hope it inspires you, while giving you lots to think about. While I have a library wall built by my super-handy husband, I also love leaving piles of books everywhere, just in case...

{These are my opinions, and this is not a sponsored post. All of these are easy to find on Amazon-enjoy!}

The Pure Heart of Yoga by Robert...

"Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about"

There are so many ways that people experience trauma, but one thing is pretty universal-how our brains process it. In my last article, Warriors, I described the research based program I trained under called Warriors At Ease. They focus on training teachers in trauma sensitive yoga practices-especially for veterans and first responders. It has always been surprising to me how many people struggle with past trauma, and it's what has shown me the importance of being sensitive to that in my classes. You really just don't know what the person next to you has experienced and is carrying around. Maybe everyone really is just doing their best. 

PTSD (Post Traumatic...

"If veterans can achieve awareness, transformation, understanding and peace, they can share with the rest of society the realities of war. And they can teach us how to make peace with ourselves and each other, so we never have to use violence to resolve conflicts again"

-Thitch Nhat Hanh 

I recently completed a journey to become certified with Warriors At Ease , to deepen my own awareness and understanding of trauma, how the brain responds to trauma, and how I can better serve those who selflessly give of themselves so that the majority of us can sleep peacefully at night. Since I'm a civilian, I found the training to be pretty amazing; it's evidence based, trauma sensitive, and informed by the unique aspects of military culture that I wasn't...

Usually I find clarity in stillness-meditation, being outside in nature, or being on the boat in the water someplace. But recently I got a heavy dose of clarity wrapped in a very unexpected package-my routine mammogram. I will start this story at the end, letting you know I'm ok. And I know now that no matter the outcome, I would've been ok, but the eventual biopsy was negative for cancer. The lesson was positive, though, and it's why I want to share it. 

The beginning of the school year always means one thing for me-my annual mammogram appointment. I always go right away, wait for results, and I'm in and out in record time, no issues. This appointment was different, and to be honest I had an uneasy feeling that...

In yoga, we settle the mind by moving the body though the "8 limbs" of practice: asana (physical practice), pranayama (breath practice), yamas & niyamas (inner and outer observances) amoung other simple yet complex practices (pratyahara, dharana, dyana, samadhi).  But "yoga" doesn't have to include all of them, all the time. I taught a yoga nidra class (deep relaxation and meditation) recently and someone asked when we would "do the yoga part". It's a common misconception that it's not yoga if you're not in a warrior 2 position at some point. Sometimes your yoga can be the mindfulness you espouse during the day. Mindful of your thoughts, what you eat, how you interact with people...taking your yoga off the mat is more important to me than if you...

We have all had the experience of being away on vacation, and falling in love with the vibe, right? The calm, the relaxation, even the air even feels different! Why? Probably because you have slowed down, stepped away from the pace of everyday life (practices, meetings, emails.....) and more than likely, you unplugged. The constant stream of tv news, social media, pop ups and the problems of the world disappeared. And what happened? You felt amazing! I'm guessing you found time to be out in nature-on the beach, on a trail, or climbing behind a waterfall! I recently returned from facilitating an amazing yoga retreat with Shannon Algeo and The Travel Yogi to Iceland. I was in heaven, exploring the waterfalls, coastline, glacier...

If yoga is a new adventure for you, or if you've been contemplating taking a class, I want you to know a few things right off the bat:

1. You CAN do yoga

2. If you have a body, any shape at all, you CAN do yoga

3. If you are breathing, you CAN do yoga

4. If you are completely inflexible, you CAN do yoga

5. If you have a disability, amputation, ANY impairment at all, you CAN do yoga

6. If you are in a wheelchair, a bed, or an airplane seat....you CAN do yoga

So are we good now? Do you catch my drift? You CAN do it! I promise you. And if you run into a roadblock, I want you to reach out to me and I'll be happy to share a solution-because there is always a solution. Trust me, accessible yoga isn't a special kind of yoga, it IS YOGA. It is for all people,...

You're running ragged. You haven't stopped moving. The kids, the dog, the work stuff....then you get 30 seconds alone and you fall apart. Sound familiar? You need a reset. Chances are you depleted every ounce of yourself but you were too busy to notice while you were taking care of everyone else. 

Or maybe you're working 70+ hours a week and don't allow yourself the time to decompress, de-stress, or take an actual deep breath...

Reiki allows you to receive healing energy while gently allowing balance to return to the body. Originating from Japan as a relaxation technique, reiki can be a spiritual connection, but is not a religion.

We all have energy centers called chakras (also known as spinning wheels of energy) that run from the base of the spine...

Radiance is defined as happiness, beauty and health that can be seen in your face, like the light in your eyes that shines through to others. When you've taken the time to work on your inner transformation, you want the outer you to glow as well! 

It's true-when you look good, you feel good! When I'm looking a complete mess (blemishes, hair in a knot..) and need to run out on an errand, I tend to put my head down, drop my shoulders to make myself smaller, praying I'm not seen. Who wants to feel like that? Not me.With so many transformational products out there to help your skin glow, you don't have to. 

There are essential questions to ask yourself about your skincare routine, and if you really want to radiate the way you...

If life has been feeling a little flat, you're finding it difficult to find inspiration, and that get up and go activation energy just isn't there? You might be ready for a energetic re-charge, and this adventure might be just what you need! 

I hope you'll join us for an amazing week filled with daily yoga, deep meditation, & crystal alchemy sound baths, along with exploring the other-worldly landscape of Iceland. It will give each of us the energetic re-alignment we are seeking. Prepare to feel energized, yet deeply grounded and fully open to receive all that Iceland has to offer. Your intuition will become clearly defined, as we sink deeply into the feeling body, learn to recognize how intuition guides us, and tap into your personal power....

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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