Years ago, I think I was like many people who resisted walking into a yoga studio. I felt like I wouldn't be able to hang. I have the tightest hamstrings on earth (I still think I do), I'm not naturally flexible, and when I would try to keep up with yoga DVD's at home, I would practically break my neck trying to watch the instructor because I didn't "know the poses". I think that's the general have to be an advanced yogi to even walk into a studio-it's SO not true! But I get it.

Fast forward, and I'm the teacher.

Yesterday in my vinyasa class, a student was in my class for the first time because of a last-minute schedule change. She had attempted a yoga class before, and said "never again" after not being able to handle the intens...

What are Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls?

I know, "crystal alchemy" sounds kind of foreign right? I first learned about this type of healing when my oldest daughter was in preschool, many years ago. In this case, the crystal refers to the quartz in the bowls and the alchemy refers to the process of transformation, creation, or combination in their use.

Her class started early and I usually found myself in the library to pass the time. I read a book called, "The Healing Power of Sound" by Mitchell Gaynor, and was fascinated by the Harvard-trained doctor and his take on healing. A patient of his (who used singing bowls during his cancer treatment) opened a new door for the Western trained doc who quickly saw the benefits...

Have you ever wanted to learn simple tips on meditation? Have you ever experienced crystal alchemy singing bowls? Are you wondering what the heck they even are? 

Join me at Chateau Bu De Winery in Chesapeake City, MD (minutes from Delaware) to experience a guided meditation on the waterfront with some amazing wines. We will learn simple techniques to use anytime to help you relieve stress, and the sound of the bowls will calm your senses. 

No experience necessary! I would love to meet you and introduce you to this beautiful practice.  

RSVP and reserve your spot, 📲Call Abigail at 412-417-6879 at Chateau Bu De 

Hope to see you there! 


I don't know about you, but when I watch the news it's basically a police report and that's just not fun! I want to hear the stories of kids doing something amazing, a charity giving back in a big way, people changing lives for the better-but those stories are always a blip on the screen, at the very end of the news broadcast...or worse yet on at 4:00am when no one in their right mind is awake! How is that fun? Helloooo!! It's not! I know there are important things happening in the world, and bad things too, but I'm tired of hearing the worst things that happened overnight while I drink my coffee everyday. I want to start my day with something good! Something inspiring!

The Magnify The Good Spotlight will shine a light on...

Maybe you've driven by the studio like I did for a few years...afraid to come in. I look back now and realize it was kind of silly, and all of my fears were really just wild stories I created in my head. I figured there were only serious yogis in there who would turn their noses up at me-a girl who only did yoga with a dvd at home. And by "did yoga" I mean I tried to follow along with the instructor on the tv, but basically spent the whole time craning my neck to look up, and figure out if I was making the right shape with my body. There was no breath-body connection, no community, and no real "practice" in what I was doing. But it was a place to start.

I will be honest with you-yoga is so much more than a physical exercise.  You learn that very...

Instead of asking my yogis to set an intention for class today, I asked them a question: 

What desire lies deep at the bottom of your heart?

What is important to you that has become buried under the busy-ness of life? Before you became a spouse, a parent, a grown-up. Can you remember? Will you continue on the path that feels safe, and comfortable? The path that is clear?

Or will you have the courage and wisdom to build your life around the answer to the question?

The path will be full of weeds, and it won't be easily seen. It's definitely not comfortable. You might feel completely lost. There might be thorns to go through to get to it...but wouldn't it be worth it to allow your true self to emerge again? To live the life you imagined before th...

If you would've told me ten years ago that I could have family/work balance, own a piece of the multi-billion dollar global skincare market, and could do it all from home or while traveling? I would've told you that you were nuts. But it IS absolutely possible to live the life you imagine. This is not another job, but a lifestyle focused on sharing, being creative & giving back. I know because it has happened for me and it can work for you too, if you're motivated and committed to learning as you go-I can show you how!

In my life before children, I was a special education teacher. I worked with children and adults with various special needs, mainly autism and severe disabilites. To say I loved it, and that I felt strongly that...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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