Usually I find clarity in stillness-meditation, being outside in nature, or being on the boat in the water someplace. But recently I got a heavy dose of clarity wrapped in a very unexpected package-my routine mammogram. I will start this story at the end, letting you know I'm ok. And I know now that no matter the outcome, I would've been ok, but the eventual biopsy was negative for cancer. The lesson was positive, though, and it's why I want to share it. 

The beginning of the school year always means one thing for me-my annual mammogram appointment. I always go right away, wait for results, and I'm in and out in record time, no issues. This appointment was different, and to be honest I had an uneasy feeling that...

Maybe you've driven by the studio like I did for a few years...afraid to come in. I look back now and realize it was kind of silly, and all of my fears were really just wild stories I created in my head. I figured there were only serious yogis in there who would turn their noses up at me-a girl who only did yoga with a dvd at home. And by "did yoga" I mean I tried to follow along with the instructor on the tv, but basically spent the whole time craning my neck to look up, and figure out if I was making the right shape with my body. There was no breath-body connection, no community, and no real "practice" in what I was doing. But it was a place to start.

I will be honest with you-yoga is so much more than a physical exercise.  You learn that very...

Instead of asking my yogis to set an intention for class today, I asked them a question: 

What desire lies deep at the bottom of your heart?

What is important to you that has become buried under the busy-ness of life? Before you became a spouse, a parent, a grown-up. Can you remember? Will you continue on the path that feels safe, and comfortable? The path that is clear?

Or will you have the courage and wisdom to build your life around the answer to the question?

The path will be full of weeds, and it won't be easily seen. It's definitely not comfortable. You might feel completely lost. There might be thorns to go through to get to it...but wouldn't it be worth it to allow your true self to emerge again? To live the life you imagined before th...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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