Yoga and sound healing meditation events are designed for attendees to experience a deep state of healing and relaxation. Each instrument resonates with the different frequencies of your body. Be prepared to walk away feeling open, clear, and balanced. 


Yoga, Meditation & Sound Immersion Classes

Whether it's a yoga session or a guided meditation with sound bath, I love guiding practices that allow you to connect with your body, while settling the mind. Check my calendar below for group sessions on location, and feel free to reach out for more information on specialized instruction.

Distant work via FaceTime or Skype is very effective as well and provides 1:1 support from wherever you are in the world. I currently have clients on 4 continents.


Private events are also available.  Ranging from events at schools, hospitals, military or law enforcement groups, or corporate offices, the sound of the quartz crystal bowls, gong and chimes will tap into your soul, align your energy, and allow you to experience a deep euphoric relaxation. I tailor the guided meditation to your needs, and create a very personal experience for your group. I specialize in meditation for beginners, as well as survivors of trauma-so don't worry if this is your first time "trying" to meditate.





Looking for a local class? 

I teach regularly at:

First State Floats in Newark, DE for Sound Bath + Guided Meditation

I play all of my healing instruments during my classes, and guide you gently into and out of a deeply meditative experience. 

If you go in for a float? You'll also be treated to me playing the crystal alchemy singing bowls as the music in the float room! It is an amazing experience, where you truly connect to the expansiveness of who you really are. The boundary of where you end and the air begins disappears, and suddenly you experience how vast we are. It is a transformative experience and one you need to try out-it's a beautiful practice, and each time it feels a little bit different.

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