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Have you ever wondered why your body feels so overwhelmed from head to toe when you recall a tough memory, or past trauma? Or why you keep hearing so much about nervous system regulation?


Check out some videos & podcasts where I share the how and the why behind your feelings, & learn how to help support your brain and nervous system with simple, relatable practices!


I got the chance to sit down recently and talk to Sgt Gene Reid about why I'm so passionate about what I do.

Press play and give a listen to why if you're in a high stress profession, you need these practices in your life.


It doesn't require hours and hours of time-mere minutes can start a domino effect to support your help for the better.


I had the best time talking with Tricia of the Whole Health Empowerment Project, sharing simple strategies for mindfulness that you can incorporate into your life today! Nothing fancy...just real life tips!

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