Understanding the stress that our first responder, military and veteran families experience everyday-Inner Warrior was born. When you work on your inner strength, it doesn't magically take away stress in your life-but it DOES teach you how to move through it in a positive, non-pharmaceutical way. Why is that so important to me? Because sometimes the pills run out. Then what? You need strategies to keep your mind right.


The sword and shield in our symbol is deeply meaningful to me.

It's the symbol for St Michael, the patron saint of police officers. He's heard many of my prayers over the years...Above all- stay safe!

Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath? Or had a hard time catching your breath when anxiety creeps in? 

Learn some very simple, but very effective breathing techniques to relax as well as handle anxiety.

Have you ever wondered why you experience and re-experience uncomfortable events? It all comes back to how your your brain processes information. In this video, I explain WHY that happens.

There are different levels of relaxation felt in the brain. In this short video, I explain how you access them to feel the ease you're looking for in your life.

I got the chance to sit down recently and talk to Gene Reid about why I'm so passionate about what I do.

Press play and give a listen to why if you're in a high stress profession, you need these practices in your life.

It doesn't require hours and hours of time-mere minutes can start a domino effect to support your help for the better.

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