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Can you remember?

Finding the quiet in the banyan tree

Instead of asking my yogis to set an intention for class today, I asked them a question:

What desire lies deep at the bottom of your heart?

What is important to you that has become buried under the busy-ness of life? Before you became a spouse, a parent, a grown-up. Can you remember? Will you continue on the path that feels safe, and comfortable? The path that is clear?

Or will you have the courage and wisdom to build your life around the answer to the question?

The path will be full of weeds, and it won't be easily seen. It's definitely not comfortable. You might feel completely lost. There might be thorns to go through to get to it...but wouldn't it be worth it to allow your true self to emerge again? To live the life you imagined before the world told you that your dream wasn't what everyone else wanted?

Maybe you've been busy with life and haven't given that childhood dream a second thought. Maybe you have forgotten all about it, because it seemed silly. Chances are it wasn't silly at all. Chances are it's been there, waiting for you to allow it to surface again-and it's probably closely linked to your true purpose.

The only way to hear the answer to the question is to get quiet.

Yes, that can be hard to do. Ask yourself what you're passionate about. You might not hear a booming voice giving you the answer straight away that you're looking for...but you might run into someone who is doing what you're drawn to. Maybe you'll see a class advertised near you that sparks your interest. You might come across an article that leads you to another and another (down the rabbit hole) until finally landing on a webpage & suddenly you don't know how your found yourself there but it seems "just right". Go for a walk around a bookstore, see what you're drawn to. Volunteer at a local event and see who you meet. There are synchronicities happening all around you, and because you have asked the question, and allowed yourself to be open, that desire will bubble up to the surface. You will remember.

Will you have the courage to let it be seen?

You owe it to yourself. Trust your intuition. It will draw you right into perfect alignment! Don't worry about others in your life who might question this change of focus. You're not really changing, it's more about becoming, isn't it? The people and places that need to will all appear-are you ready?

{Try this}

1. Allow yourself the chance to sit in silence, in a comfortable seat

2. Close your eyes, allow the spine to grow long

3. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale notice the body relaxing, shoulders dropping away from the ears, empty the breath

4. Draw the breath in for a slow count of 4, and exhale for a slow count of 4. Allow the breath to be smooth, circular, equal in, equal out

5. Ask yourself, "What is lying at the bottom of my heart?" and "How can I bring it to the surface?"

6. Follow the breath, and allow any thoughts to float on by

7. Blink your eyes open after a few minutes, or longer if you can, and go on about your day, open and ready to become more of yourself



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