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Adding Fun To The Formal

I don't know about you, but when I watch the news it's basically a police report and that's just not fun! I want to hear the stories of kids doing something amazing, a charity giving back in a big way, people changing lives for the better-but those stories are always a blip on the screen, at the very end of the news broadcast...or worse yet on at 4:00am when no one in their right mind is awake! How is that fun? Helloooo!! It's not! I know there are important things happening in the world, and bad things too, but I'm tired of hearing the worst things that happened overnight while I drink my coffee everyday. I want to start my day with something good! Something inspiring!

The Magnify The Good Spotlight will shine a light on the people (kids, grown ups, service dogs...seriously if it makes you smile then it's worth sharing) who are doing things in our communities to make it better, and help us celebrate and support them along the way. These people saw a problem and decided to create a solution, or saw a need and found a way to fulfill it. Inspiring us all to feel a little lighter, shine a little brighter, and be willing to help out a little more.

I will need your help to keep the good going, so let me know who is doing something amazing in your community-I don't care if it's a lemonade stand in your front yard-I bet the kids are doing it for a good reason! Maybe it's a fundraiser, a service project in your scout troop or classroom. No act of kindness or idea is too big or too small. So message me here, on my fb page, wherever you can find me...and let's start sharing more good stuff!


Spotlight on: Emily Moffitt age 13

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the good around us when we are overwhelmed with day to day life. As a mom to three tween/teenaged

girls, I know the excitement my own 8th grader has for the upcoming formal, and when I read Emily's plea on social media for her friend and other kids who might need a hand, I completely melted. Emily, a local middle school student, was excited about the thought of

her upcoming formal dance, but that excitement began to wane when she realized it might not be a reality for her friend.

"I knew there would be people that might be able to help, and that my friend might not be the only person worried about having something perfect to wear in time for the dance."

What good stuff is happening?

Emily flexed her empathy muscles and thought about what she would want if she were in the same position. She decided that this was a problem that had a solution.

Because who wants to go to a dance without your friends? Umm, trick question! No one does!

She took her idea to her mom's social media account on Facebook, and the response has been overwhelming! Local moms and dads have been offering to help ever since, all while while being inspired by her selfless request.

Her fb post request (as posted on the local MOT residents page):

"Hello, My name is Emily Moffitt I am an 8th grader in Appoquinimink School District. My school will be hosting a semi formal in May 2017. Today I asked one of my friends if she was going to formal. She told me that she might not because her family could not afford to buy her a dress. I thought that buying a dress was no big since my mom had already bought me one. However today it occurred to me that many kids in our community can not afford extras. What I would like to do with the help of the community is give those kids a chance to feel special. Even though a dress or a pair of shoes might not make everything better it might give them a moment to shine and a moment to get away from their troubles. I have currently a few dresses and some shoes. If you or anyone you know has any dresses shoes or even accessories that you are willing to donate to give a child that is less fortunate a moment to feel like they are on top of the world. Please feel free to send me a message at any time. Thank you for your support. Also if anyone has a child or is in need of a dress for formal please feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to talk to you about getting a dress."

That post lit up like a Christmas tree, with people singing her praises for being so kind, and thanking Emily for the reminder that there are good people in the world. The donations have been rolling in, and a local business is offering space for Emily to set up a donation location (instead of having a flood of dresses piling up in her house). As soon as that space is finalized, I will add an update. She didn't just want to hand out formal wear-she wanted to create a special experience for the teens involved. To bring her vision to life, Emily is setting up volunteers for: hair & make-up, dress fitting, formal dress donations & suit and tie donations for boys, and she's planning on creating a shopping experience so kids don't feel like they are missing out on the feeling of shopping and preparing to goto the dance.

When I spoke with Emily, the first thing I told her was that I was so proud of her! Not many kids would think outside of themselves and do what she is doing. Her vision is no small task, and it's requiring lots of coordination. She thanked me and replied,

"I just wanted to help her have the same excitement I have...and other kids too.The big response has made me feel like I am making a change and it's just amazing."

Well, Emily, you ARE AMAZING!! And that's what all this good energy does-it makes you & everyone around you feel great too!

THIS is what I want to hear about while I'm drinking my coffee! THIS is the good stuff! It only takes one pebble to start a ripple effect in the pond, and it's safe to say the effects of this one act, by this one selfless girl, will be felt by quite a few people in our community.

In the words of my daughter Brooke, "That dance is gonna be lit." {I think that means it's going to be cool or something-just go with it}...

How you can help:

-Connect with Emily's mom who has been helping to field fb messages (link to her fb page:Dawn Wilson Moffitt)

-Make a donation! Deadline is March 15th

Current drop-off location:

Crazy To A Tee

5458 Peterson Rd

Middletown, DE


-Formal dresses

-Accessories: earrings, bracelets, purses

-Shoes (girls/boys)

-Dress shirts


Congratulations, Emily, for having such a caring heart and finding a solution to this sensitive issue! Kudos to your mom for raising a selfless young woman. We need more of you both in the world!



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