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3 Key Benefits of Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing

What are Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls?

I know, "crystal alchemy" sounds kind of foreign right? I first learned about this type of healing when my oldest daughter was in preschool, many years ago. In this case, the crystal refers to the quartz in the bowls and the alchemy refers to the process of transformation, creation, or combination in their use.

Her class started early and I usually found myself in the library to pass the time. I read a book called, "The Healing Power of Sound" by Mitchell Gaynor, and was fascinated by the Harvard-trained doctor and his take on healing. A patient of his (who used singing bowls during his cancer treatment) opened a new door for the Western trained doc who quickly saw the benefits and began to incorporate the bowls into his other patients treatment plans. Soon he opened an oncology center and started treating the whole person with sound and meditation during their illness, not just with medications.

The bowls I use in practice are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz, with gemstones, metals or minerals either within the bowls or overlaid on them during the firing process. Quartz is best known to transmit, store and amplify energy-it's why quartz is used in our radios, radar, sound equipment in our everyday life. The bowls all have a pure tones and are angelic in their sound! Each bowl is unique and carries with it it's own resonance. You might be drawn to one more than another, but when the bowls are gently chimed and the vibration builds between them as they are played with a suede-wrapped mallet, the synergistic sound is unlike anything you're ever experienced, yet your body will seem to recognize the sound in a very familiar way. There are many reasons why I love these special bowls, but here are a few things I have experienced, and I think you would love as well....

1.Balances our vibrations and brings us into sync

Each of our organs has a particular vibration. No, we can't "hear" those vibrations, but they're there. Under a microscope, every cell in your being is vibrating. Think of the word disease- "dis" "ease". Your body is not at ease. When a particular organ or system is out of whack, it's frequency or vibration is "off". When you experience the bowls, it helps to entrain the body and bring it back into sync. Think of two clocks on the wall, and one is out of sync with the other. Eventually,the clocks will tick-tock together, that is called entrainment. We expend less energy when we are in sync with our environment, that helps create a feeling of overall well being and balance. As I type this, I'm at the beach. My body is in sync with the environment here-the rhythmic ocean, the warm weather, the sunrise and sunsets. It's extremely calming, and it didn't take long of me to slip into the rhythm of life here. Conversely, think of a high stress office job-how does your body feel there? Probably tense, wound up, tight, nervous. Our bodies react to the environment we are in-the bowls help bring us back to center.

2. Helps us slow down the breath

The breath is the connection between the body and the mind, when we slow the breath, we calm the mind. Think of a time when you were really upset. What was your breath like? Was it shallow, quick, labored? Now think of a time when you sat on the beach, or walked through the woods...I bet your breath was much different. I bet your thoughts slowed down too. When you experience the bowls, you'll notice the breath is easier. The sound is gentle and enveloping. You will breathe more deeply, and find it easier to become the observer of the mind. Recognizing that breath-body connection will create a calm, serene feeling in the body which will affect you in the best of ways.

3. Offers an alternative for pain relief

One of the most amazing things I've learned about alchemy bowls is the anecdotal evidence gathered by western physicians who started using them in their practice. For patients who cannot take pain medication, for various reasons, the experience of the bowls can be significant to their quality of daily life and healing process. In "The Healing Power of Sound", Dr.Raymond Bahr, M.D., Director of Coronary Care at St.Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, stated: "Without a doubt, music therapy ranks high on the list of modern-day management of critical care patients...It's relaxing properties enable patients to get well faster by allowing them to accept their condition and treatment without excessive anxiety...a half hour of music produces the same effect as 10mg of Valium". That's pretty powerful stuff.

Have a question?

Ask away! I'm happy to share what I have learned and want you to feel the amazing vibes too! Whether you are experienced in meditation or have never done it before, I promise you it won't be difficult to relax with the sound of these special bowls. I will share more specifics about the bowls I have and why I chose them for their specific healing properties in future blog posts. They are amazing!


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