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Raise Your Vibe: Meditation and Yoga Retreat

If life has been feeling a little flat, you're finding it difficult to find inspiration, and that get up and go activation energy just isn't there? You might be ready for a energetic re-charge, and this adventure might be just what you need!

I hope you'll join us for an amazing week filled with daily yoga, deep meditation, & crystal alchemy sound baths, along with exploring the other-worldly landscape of Iceland. It will give each of us the energetic re-alignment we are seeking. Prepare to feel energized, yet deeply grounded and fully open to receive all that Iceland has to offer. Your intuition will become clearly defined, as we sink deeply into the feeling body, learn to recognize how intuition guides us, and tap into your personal power.

Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts, where fire and ice co-exist, where light and dark are equally exciting, and the beauty is second to none! It has a highly charged energetic frequency, and the volcanic heat that rises from the earth heats 90% of Iceland's buildings! Can you imagine what that energy will do for each of us? We will be harnessing the power of this energy and transform it to take us into the next phase of our lives.

Each morning our yoga practice will build heat and strength through slow flow Hatha and aligned vinyasa practice-accessible to all levels and bodies. In the afternoons, we we eat, explore and enjoy beautiful Iceland, connecting to the powerful elements around us. In our evening practice, we will unwind from our adventurous day with a restorative, gentle yoga session and guided Yoga Nidra meditation.

I'm so happy to offer a crystal alchemy sound bath with each practice, and if you haven't experienced the bowls before? You'll be in for a treat! I'll be co-hosting this adventure with Shannon Algeo, a fantastic yoga teacher from Los Angeles who has traveled the world hosting yoga adventures! I cannot imagine how amazing this experience will be...and I hope you join us!

When you click on THIS PAGE, it will bring you to The Travel Yogi website with the itinerary for Iceland as you scroll down. To book our trip? Click on Book Now next to "Shannon Algeo" and it will bring you to our retreat registration.

Questions? Let me know & I'll happily get you the answers!

Have a fantastic day!!



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