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4 Steps to a Radiant You

Radiance is defined as happiness, beauty and health that can be seen in your face, like the light in your eyes that shines through to others. When you've taken the time to work on your inner transformation, you want the outer you to glow as well!

It's true-when you look good, you feel good! When I'm looking a complete mess (blemishes, hair in a knot..) and need to run out on an errand, I tend to put my head down, drop my shoulders to make myself smaller, praying I'm not seen. Who wants to feel like that? Not me.With so many transformational products out there to help your skin glow, you don't have to.

There are essential questions to ask yourself about your skincare routine, and if you really want to radiate the way you feel inside to the world, then you owe it to yourself to dive into skincare as part of your self care routine. I've seen transformations from kids on up to older adults because of taking the step to care more for their skin and the products they use.

1. Do you have a skincare routine?

A few years ago, my answer would've been no. And that's just not good. Over 80% of the aging process is within our control-only 20% is genetics. Surprising, right? The biggest question is what will be a fit for you-it can be very overwhelming with all the options out there. What really works? Drug store stuff? Prescriptions? I can help weed through the jungle of products to refine what is best for you.

2. What are you willing to do for great skin?

Injections? Needles? For me that's a BIG no's not my thing. Caring for your skin doesn't need to include an injectable as we are sometimes told. If a product regimen is up your alley, the science is there to show that it really IS the best way to go, and delivers results by using products in a particular order to achieve great results. You will want to be honest with yourself with what new habits you're willing to put into place, and which ones you know will be like a new year's resolution that doesn't make it 2 days me there is a solution for everyone. We can figure it out.

3. Will you invest in yourself with excellent products that deliver results? For me, I need to know the clinical data is there. I don't want to aimlessly try this or that...I want to know what works and make the most of my time and money to achieve the desired result. I love the products I use because they are backed by science and a complete refund if you're not in love. No other premium brand matches that & ensures your happiness along with your wallet.

4. What are your biggest concerns? Having a consultation with a knowledgeable person is important. That's where I can come in to help guide your based on your needs. It might be what I have to offer, it might not. But you won't know until we have a chat. It's super simple, and in about 20-25 minutes I will have a good sense of what you're looking for and what we have to offer you. I also have a tool with simple questions to answer that will give you a recommendation as well.

I'm always here for a chat about how you can create the transformation you've been wanting, and there are no strings attached. All info, no fluff. Anytime. Message me here through the website or at my email

Have a fantastic day!



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