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Reiki, the (not-so-new) RESET button

You're running ragged. You haven't stopped moving. The kids, the dog, the work stuff....then you get 30 seconds alone and you fall apart. Sound familiar? You need a reset. Chances are you depleted every ounce of yourself but you were too busy to notice while you were taking care of everyone else.

Or maybe you're working 70+ hours a week and don't allow yourself the time to decompress, de-stress, or take an actual deep breath...

Reiki allows you to receive healing energy while gently allowing balance to return to the body. Originating from Japan as a relaxation technique, reiki can be a spiritual connection, but is not a religion.

We all have energy centers called chakras (also known as spinning wheels of energy) that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. These energies encompass major nerves, organs, and our emotional selves.The energy of Reiki activates your natural healing processes and helps to restore balance to the body.

So what is a session like?

When someone comes to a session with me, I work to help guide the energy through us both to help the energy flow freely, allowing relaxation to permeate your entire being. When the energy is moving, and blockages are cleared away? The body and spirit are aligned and the restored balance will be felt all over the body as well as your mind settling as well.

You will lay, fully clothed, on a massage table with a blanket and maybe a bolster for comfort. I will explain exactly what will happen, where I will place my hands, if at all, and make sure you are completely comfortable. I position my crystal alchemy bowls around you, corresponding to the chakra which they align with. I use the bowls to specifically facilitate healing at a cellular level within the body while creating a serene atmosphere.

I will begin the session and play the bowls, and move along both sides of the body, working to align your energy centers and clear away anything that isn't serving you. Afterwards, we can discuss what you experienced during the session, and I will also share my impressions and feelings from during the session. It's a very calming experience and you will leave feeling lighter in mind and spirit, ready to take yourself back into your day to day life with renewed purpose!

Some comments from my clients:

"I felt like my body extended beyond the table..."

"It was like I was suspended and in a place I cannot describe..."

"I experienced colors that were so vibrant I didn't want the session to end..."

"I was able to release some emotions that were stuffed way down within me..."

"It was a cathartic experience that allowed me to release energy and emotions I didn't realize were stuck..."

-Plan 1hr 30min for total session

-In person & distant Reiki sessions available

Any questions at all, feel free to ask!


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