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Reconnect With Yourself. You are precious and sacred. Sometimes in the chaos of day to day life it’s easy to forget that. 


When we work together, whether it’s yoga, reiki, or meditation coaching, something amazing happens - you deepen your personal connection and honor yourself-and no, this isn't just for women. Scroll down to hear what others have experienced.

{in person or via distant tele-sessions by phone or computer

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From a gentle, deep stretching yin yoga class to an invigorating vinyasa class, you’ll learn to ground yourself, enjoy movement, and experience inner calm. 


Feel the tones of the quartz crystal alchemy bowls, brilliant Paiste gong & Koshi chimes  resonate through your body. 

Paired with Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) you will release tension and find the peace within.


Enjoy a reiki session to remove any energy blocks and alleviate, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. 


Mindfulness and self-care go hand-in-hand. When you feel more peaceful on the inside, you’ll want to be glowing on the outside too. Connect with Jenn about your skincare needs to bring out your radiance!

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"I absolutely LOVED the alchemy singing bowls meditation. I was definitely able to get into a beautiful space - when we finished I would've swore on my life only a few minutes had passed, not almost an hour! I did "feel" the sound in my face - like the energy was traveling from my third eye out through my ears. It was truly a lovely experience and look forward to other events that you put on! I would definitely be interested in getting some information on private events as well".


Take time to do what makes your soul happy

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